Joni’s Drums Studio

Head of group Joni Hovhannisyan


The orchestra was founded in 2015 at the A-ERA Art School. The founders of the studio are Tsovinar Jilavyan and Joni Hovhannisyan, who is also the art director. Today, the orchestra has 100 students who are taking part in various international competitions and occupy the leading positions. In a short period of time the band has managed to participate in numerous festivals and concerts. In 2017, the “dhol” (national instrument) studio students brilliantly represented their show in a cultural festival held in Kobuleti, deserving the Grand Prix. In November 2018, Joni’s Drums Studio has participated in Armenian-Georgian Festival called “Barekamutyun” held in Tbilisi. Among the various programs of the concerts is the participation in the game of legends held on July 8, 2018 at the Republican Stadium after Vazgen Sargsyan. Joni’s Drums Studio has not only played for the opening of the football match, but also after the game, during the after party with the participation of legendary football players.

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